Artist Biography

As a self taught artist exploring the endless possibilities of emotions, color, and texture it is  nature that guides my intuition, my mood, and color selections… I work in multiple superimposed layers, it’s strength infuses excitement into each canvas… through texture, drawing, and depth I am able to create powerful pieces.

GalleryMessina’s world is made from my love of Art, Music, Animals, and a touch of Playfulness… Love for life gives me free will to create and paint. Shades of creativity are everywhere and allows me to express my true passion of creating Art….

Art is Love….Love is Healing….Art is Healing….

My maternal Great Grandfather Vito Messina, was a painter from Italy and has inspired me and the name GalleryMessina…

It is important to let go of all preconceived notions of what a painting should look like and just let it develop; “I try to let the paint and my hands/brushes just dance together”. I never paint the same painting twice, always trying to paint loose but with intense passion.